Sylvia's (aka Stargal's) Info

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Sylvia's (aka Stargal's) Info

Post by stargal46 on Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:04 pm

1. Location: Ontario, Canada

2.Are you male or female? Female

3.First Name: Sylvia

4.Your Hobbies:  Reading, PSP'ing/tagging, making greeting cards/calendars/business cards/flyers/brochures/menus/labels/stickers/etc, cooking and baking, travelling, camping/RV'ing, shopping Very Happy , drinking wine occasionally Razz , playing games on my iPad, collecting recipes, walking & playing with my furbabies, and spending time with hubby & family!

5.Name(s) you want on your sigs? Sylvia

6.What is your favorite color? Purple, but on tags I like all kinds of colours!

7.Do you PSP? Yes

8. What are your very favorite tags? Game tags, WTTG tags, Hugs tags, soft pastel coloured tags, animated tags, glittery/sparkly tags, etc

9.Which tags do you dislike? Dark tags, sexually explicit tags and cluttered tags!

10. Who are your favorite Artists: PinUp Toons, Marika, Sherri Baldy, VeryManyTubes, BAMA, to name but a few!

11.Is there anything that I missed that you think is important for us to know?  Occasionally I take a break from tagging, because I just get burned out.  I am currently on a break from tagging and will be getting back to it in a bit, hopefully.

Hugs, Sylvia aka Stargal
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Re: Sylvia's (aka Stargal's) Info

Post by AliciaS on Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:30 pm

Welcome to Tag Paradise.

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