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About Kimberly

Post by KimberlyK on Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:35 am

1. Location: Louisiana
2.Are you male or female? Female
3.First Name: Kimberly
4.Your Hobbies: Making Tags!!
5.Name(s) you want on your sigs? Kimberly
6.What is your favorite color? Teal, Purple, Turquoise, & Pink
7.Do you PSP? Yes!!
8. What are your very favorite tags? Gorjuss, Holiday, Seasonal, Mermaids, etc.
9.Which tags do you dislike? Satanic, Devilish, Nudity, & Bad Language
10. Who are your favorite Artists: Gosh.. too many to list! VeryMany, Maryline Cazenave, etc
11.Is there anything that I missed that you think is important for us to know?
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