Rene1 Has renewed her Membership

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Rene1 Has renewed her Membership

Post by Rene1 on Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:39 pm

Hello.. I am Irene (Rene) (Renegal59) I am from South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. I'm a divorcee, I have 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren whom I adore...2 great Granddaughters Ruby & Milla, who are so precious to me.
I am retired now, I live in a 2 bedroom unit, in a beautiful country town. I love spending time in my gardens, mad computer addict, also love Scrabble, Crosswords, Yahtzee. I spend a lot of time socializing with my family and friends. If you want to know more just ask me?

1. Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2.Are you male or female? Female
3.First Name: Irene
4.Your Hobbies Computer, Gardening, Family
5.Name(s) you want on your sigs? Rene
6.What is your favorite color? Purple, Pink, Plum shades anything but orange and yellow
7.Do you PSP? No
8. What are your very favorite tags? all kinds except real nudity ones.
9.Which tags do you dislike? Gothic, blood, gore & full nudity
10. Who are your favorite Artists: Sherri Baldy, and many others she is my very favourite.
11.Is there anything that I missed that you think is important for us to know? No

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Re: Rene1 Has renewed her Membership

Post by AliciaS on Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:54 pm

Hi Rene,

So glad that you're back on board again. You already have a Welcome To The Group tag. If you need anything, please pm me.

Again Welcome back.


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